Let me ask you a question. Have you ever tried to buy tickets to a concert and you couldn't? Have you ever wanted to profit from an awesome concert like a U2 concert or Dave Matthews Band concert? In the next couple of paragraphs I will breakdown how I make money buying and selling concert tickets.

Your first step is to open up a couple accounts. You want to go to stubhub.com and sign up for a free account. This is where you are going to sell your tickets. Very simple and it should take you about 10-15 minutes. Next go to ticketmaster.com and sign up for a free account. This is where you will buy your tickets. Again, very simple.

Next step is to do your research. This will take some time. You need to figure out what concerts and artist's are popular. This may seem easy but you can get stuck with unsold tickets if you don't research effectively. The first thing I do is go to Google and do a search of popular artist's and build a list. I look for artist's that have sold the most albums, but also have the most sold out concerts. This isn't too hard to find. Check out billboard.com. You can also use ticketmaster.com to see what is selling. Check to see how much tickets on Stubhub are selling for to see if you can profit. I try to look for tickets where I can double what I invested. This doesn't always happen but if you can get a pair of tickets to a jay-z concert for $150 and then sell them for $250-$300 a month later you'll be hooked. Last thing; make sure you are looking at concerts in major cities that are about 1 month away. The closer the concert date the harder the tickets are to get so plan ahead.

Now once you've done your homework you need to go to Ticketmaster and see what is for sale. I try to purchase two tickets together that are the closest to the stage. Ideally you want to start by purchasing a set of tickets (2) for between $150-$250. You don't want to buy super expensive tickets because honestly they may not sell.

Next step is to place your ticket from Ticketmaster on Stubhub. But how much do I sell them for? This is where your research comes into play. This is where you want to try and double your money. You might have to list them for a little cheaper but that's fine. Make sure when you list your tickets you are as informative as possible. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Would you buy tickets from someone who writes a single sentence description? I wouldn't. Also make sure that you carefully enter in the exact seats, aisle, everything. You will be liable if your information is incorrect.

The next step is to sit back and wait. If you've bought your tickets correctly then the concert should be in 1-2 months so you'll have time before someone buys your tickets. Have faith. This is the perfect time to start researching your next concert. If you can, purchase another pair of concert tickets.

The final step is the best! Your tickets have sold and you've made a profit. You may not have doubled your money but a profit is made. Now take this money and immediately re-invest in another pair of concert tickets.  Check Ticketmaster and see if a new concert is scheduled. Re-invest your profits for 6-12 months and you'll have an awesome side business that requires little work to maintain.




Please check you state and local laws on ticket brokering. Some states may have a cap on how much profit can be made selling a ticket. Please follow and abide all laws.