Step by step ways to make money with Craigslist

Making money with Craigslist is pretty simple. It involves some dedication and a few hours of your time but in the end it can be beneficial to your wallet and your stress.

How to make money with Craigslist step by step:

First, go around your house and have a treasure hunt. Search all your closets, cabinets, and containers for things you no longer want or need. If you are wondering whether to keep it, then sell it as it will be better to your stress.  If it is in a crappy condition then goodwill it or simply throw it away. Condition is everything on Craigslist. When you found everything you want to sell, it may seem like a little, but its stress being released and extra pocket cash.

Second, take pictures of every product. I'm not saying you need to go take 10 pictures of every item, but 1 or 2 pictures at different views will due. Don't worry if the pictures aren't the highest quality, as long as you see the condition, they will work.

Third, upload all the pictures to your computer. Depending on your computer this may take a while, but you don't have to watch the screen, so you have a couple of minutes of words with friends.

Fourth, type the product into the Craigslist search bar. In the top right hand corner click the word "Post". This will bring you to the listing page. Enter your real email as buyers will contact you through this. If you want your email to be public, this means anyone can see your email. If you want it private, Craigslist will make an email for you and it will still end up in your email. It would be, "". I recommend private so no marketers can sell your email.

Fifth, create a catchy title. You want to use one that has the main information of the product.

Sixth, enter what city you live in. Not your address, but city so people know how far to drive.

Seventh, write an informative description. Include things like condition, price, and what the product is. It also helps if you will ship, use PayPal, drive, or negotiate the price. This will save you a lot of time in the end. Also be sure to include your pictures you took earlier.

Eighth, check out the competition. Is there the same quality as yours? Do they have a better price than yours? How clear are their descriptions? Adjust accordingly.

Ninth, submit your listing and check your email and post the listing.

Tenth, wait for the responses. This should not take more than a day. Reply politely as possible and quickly as possible.

Eleventh, once you find a buyer tell them whether to pick it up or meet a public place. Easy public places include Starbucks or McDonalds. Also tell them who to look for. Gender, skin color, and color are important.

Twelfth, collect the cash and admire your hard work!

For multiple items repeat steps 4-12. It may seem like a lot but once you get going into it its quite easy!

Good luck to anyone who tries making money on Craigslist and check out my other articles!