One of the best features Amazon ever implemented on the online retail website, was the ability for people to submit reviews of their products. In the days before the internet, we had to rely on experts from newspapers and magazines to get any information on products.

Just because a product suits one person, it doesn't necessarily mean it will suit someone else. The advantage with user reviews on the internet, is that anyone can submit a review and while you might get the odd review from the company itself, or even a competitor, with the volume of real reviews, you can get a pretty good idea as to the strengths and weaknesses of a particular product. For online shoppers, reviews play an important role in their product research and eventual purchase.

Of course I am not suggesting you to take on Amazon, but it is possible to set up your own niche product review website and make money from it. The important thing is to select a small product niche, that targets a particular market segment, rather than trying to cover every product available on the internet. Hotels and restaurants are also good niches, that lend themselves well to a review site, but it is probably difficult to monetize restaurant reviews, if are looking to monetize the site with affiliate programs.

Hotels and hostels can work well as there are many affiliate programs available. If you are wondering what an affiliate program is, it is a program which you make a small commission for every sale generated through your website. Like when a visitor your website clicks on a link and they go on to purchase the product, or make a booking, you will receive a small percentage of that sale.

One of the easiest ways to set up your own review website, is by using the content management system Joomla, combined with the add on component, reviews for Joomla. Reviews for Joomla is fairly easy to set up and the documentation is fairly easy to follow, even for people who don't have much technical knowledge.

You can take a look at how I set up Reviews for Joomla on my Living in Bali website. I plan to add hotels and accommodation later to the site. Reviews for Joomla can be set up easily for education, entertainment, travel, consumer products, social networking or real estate websites. The Reviews for Joomla website has a number of case studies and examples of how the component has been implemented.

Whenever you read about how to get more traffic to your website, the phrase "content is king" often pops up. The fact is Google loves new and fresh content being added to a website all of the time. As the administrator of the site, all you need to do is set up the site and add product listings. With a bit of marketing, you will eventually be able to get users to sign up to the site and start adding reviews to their favorite products. You will get new and fresh content being added to your site all of the time, without having to do much your self.

Setting up your own review website is a great online business model, that almost anyone can set up. With a bit of promotion and marketing, you will have new content added to your website automatically. Review websites also have a high conversion rates as more and more people turn to the internet to research products and services they wish to buy.