Ebay can be a very lucrative money-making venture if approached right. There are millions of people who make a profit from eBay, and most have no prior business knowledge. Ebay also has incentives for people who become successful in this venture, which includes the ability to become a power seller.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Sell the right items. You should consider two things when selling on eBay or a similar site. The first is demand and second is profit margin. An example of an item with high profit margin is a baby crib. The reason is simple, the owner no longer needs the crib and is willing to take less. You can sell these cribs for a bit more because of the high-priced nature of these items. A wheel chair is another example because the owner doesn't need this item any more and the buyer is in desperate need.

Step 2

Become a Powerseller. An eBay Powerseller is someone who maintains a high customer approval rating combined with a high volume of sales. You can become a bronze, silver, gold or platinum Powerseller, you get incentives from eBay that improve with each rank. Your ads are featured and you don't have to pay membership fees.

Step 3

Use a drop shipper. A drop shipper is a company that can drop ship your items straight to the customer. They can also store your items until they are sold. These company's typically charge a low monthly fee, usually less than a regular storage facility. Go to the Better Business Beureau site to check out the company.

Step 4

Take quality photos. Use a high quality camera to take images of the items you are selling if you don't use a drop shipper. Most customers will not buy products online unless they can see a photo. Even people with good customer ratings have trouble selling items unless they have photos.

Step 5

Maintain a high approval rating. When you sell on eBay, your approval rating affects how much a buyer will trust you. If you approval rating is low, you might not get as many sells to keep up with demand. The good news is, it's fairly easy to maintain a high approval rating on eBay, as long as you use common sense.


Tips & Warnings