Not all writers struggle financially.


The secret to making money with your writing is all in the promotion of your material. You could be the lousiest writer in the world but with the right promotion, anything is possible. The opposite is also true, you could be the most talented writer in the whole world but without the right promotion, all your hard work is worthless...


I read in a book a while back the secret to making money with your writing. The book was called "Rich Dad Poor Dad". In this book, towards the end, the author gives an account of a sit down he had with an interviewer. She wrote on the side and wanted to make a living at it. Long story short, he explained to her that to make money writing, you have to learn how to sell your material! He analyzed the word bestselling author. Read that word again: bestselling. Best SELLING. You see? It's not so much how good you write but rather it's all about how good you sell your writing. You have to be the BEST at SELLING your writing if you want to make a living at it.


Great ideas and great articles and great books are a dime a dozen. The secret to the successful writers out there is the implementation. The selling of their material. You have to learn how to market yourself as a writer and how to market/promote your material.


We live in an information age and the best way to promote your material these days in my opinion is the internet.


Have you heard of Timothy Ferriss? He wrote a BESTSELLING book called the 4 hour work week. How did he outsell all his competition? He called every bestselling author he could think of and asked them how to turn his book into a bestseller. He got the best advice he could ever get because he asked all the right people. (BONUS: If you want to succeed at anything in life, all you have to do is find out who is already doing that which you'd like to be doing and ask them directly how they do it... then finally - and this is the most important step - implement everything they tell you to do. It's that simple!). So what he did(Tim) is that he began promoting his book in the blogosphere... Getting the word out there as much as he could. He created some serious buzz around his book before it was even released and that's how he manufactured an instant bestseller. That book took no time at all to reach the #1 spot... So if he could do it, why can't you?


I'll give you a personal example. I want to succeed here on infobarrel writing articles. If you've never heard of infobarrel. It's a platform that allows you to earn money with your writing. Read my signature at the right hand corner of this article under the cat's picture if you want to sign up!


Back to my main point. I want to succeed here on Infobarrel. Now I don't want to make a million dollars just yet or anything like that. But I want to be able to make at least $100/month in passive residual income. In other words, I'd like my articles to make me $100/month without needed much upkeep or maintenance.


If they allow me, I intend on sharing the keys to their success in a series of posts here on infobarrel so stay tuned and subscribe! We can do it!


I hope you enjoyed this article.


Wishing you all the best!


How am I going to do this? What is the secret to my future success? You may have guessed it already: I'm simply going to ask the BESTSELLING writers on here how they attained success. And then, I'm going to IMPLEMENT it. It's as simple as that.

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