It is not a program of youtube but i am goint to tell you the best affective method of earn money by youtube or any social networking site lets start

Things You Will Need

An Internet connection
A valid email address

Step 1

1. create an account on

Step 2

2. upload your best content it may be anything but remeber not blank or empty file any thing funny
which you like or think which may be liked by people

Step 3

3. Just create great screen shots of that content

Step 4

4 Now make a video with the help of window movie maker (Just upload them images and write some description )Now your video is ready

Step 5

5 share the link of your upload on youtube and earn money,more video you have so more downloads =money .Ziddu provide you 1$ on 1000 download so try to give good and high quality content with your video .

Step 6

6 You can also share your link on your blog, or many social networking sites

Best way to become more popular on youtub is to make friends and comments on another popular videos become suscriber of popular videos and try to be first commentator on them video .It increase your popularity and you get more traffic on your video and content

Tips & Warnings

Always use good content Its great method of popularity