Many people aren’t making as much money with Google AdSense as they could. There are fifteen common mistakes I often see aspiring internet marketers make. This is a really pity, because if you change a few small details, it can make the difference between 500 Dollars a month and 2000 Dollars a month.

1. Properly brainstorm keywords

Often the keywords where you don’t expect to make any money will bring in the most income for you. Keywords in topics like acne and mortgages seem to bring in much money, but the competition is often so fierce that you will make zero income.

2. Ad type and placement

Use big rectangles the most. Inserting large and medium rectangles in your posts will always lead to more clicks. Vertical banners are good too, but are best used as a supplement – not as the primary focus.

3. AdSense on too many pages

AdSense should only be displayed at pages that do a good job in targeting keywords. Not on useless posts that are poorly optimized for search engine traffic. This will lead to being ‘Smart Priced’ by Google. This means that if you have a low CTR, you will be penalized by lower click revenue.

4. Pages are not AdSense optimized

Smart Pricing can also occur if your pages are not AdSense optimized. Therefore, you should always make sure that the ads reflect the content you write about.

5. People aren’t testing which of the pages are converting well and which are not

Start using an AdSense channel on each page that gets search engine traffic. At least until you know it converts well.

6. Targeting keywords with low Cost per Click

Try to target keywords with at least a dollar in value. Less than a dollar will not make you rich. Use the Google Adwords tool to find this out.

7. Lack of focus

You have to focus on a few pages that will bring in the bulk of revenue. It is useless to post 10 articles a day when they are poorly back linked and aren’t generating much search engine traffic.

8. Ads don’t mix well with the website

Make sure that the ads have the same background color as your website. Furthermore the clickable part of the ad should be blue or the same color as other hyperlinks on your website.


9. Lack of backlinks

Most people all occupied with the website itself all the time. However, 90% of the time you spent on internet marketing should be directed at generating backlinks to your pages.

10. People forget to target a keyword with their posts or pages

You must use pages to target keywords, not the homepage itself.

11. Choosing profitable topics

You must perform solid keyword research before starting campaigns. Choosing topics like making money online will rarely pan out because of the huge competition.

12. Failure of estimating competition

This entails you’ll get yourself into trying to rank for keywords that are above your skill set and this causes you to get discouraged and stop working.

13. Information addiction

Information is good, but can never make you money. You have to start applying the things you learn in order to become successful online.

14. Too lazy to test

There are a lot of details you can test while using AdSense. You can test your ad placement, background color, link color, text color, and ad size.

15. Blogger

Blogging is fun but can cause you to lose your focus on the initial goal of making money online.