Credit: ex0tiik4420

Now that blogging has become a trend, everyone wants to create one and become popular. It might not be that simple task, as you possibly might think, but it is definitely not impossible. All you need is basic writing skills, spare time and patience.

So, you just created your blog (possibly on Blogspot or Wordpress) and you are left asking yourself: "Now what?" Don't panic, you just need some guidance now.

Let’s do it on steps:

1.    Write your first article. By the time you have created your blog, it’s time to write your first article. You are aware that you have the total freedom to write whatever you like, as long as it is well written, in order to be understood from your prospect readers. Find a catchy title, it always works. Keep in mind that readers will be easier attracted by original, clever, interesting posts.
2.    Personalize the layout. So you wrote your first post. Now you can change the default layout, creating a personalized one. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult, there are plenty to choose and install. There’s no need to overload your blog with many colors, it might tire the reader’s eye. Sometimes simple layout is more effective.
3.    Tell your friends about it. Your first readers will probably be your friends. Inform them about your blog, make sure they are interested in reading it and share your new hobby with them. If they start sharing the passion with you, word of mouth has just begun!
4.    Use social media. Now it’s time to promote your blog to others, too. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other networking sites to promote your post. Be careful not to be accused of spamming, spread it wisely and not just everywhere. The first impression is important, so find a way to attract them and visit your blog.
5.    Visit other related blogs. You can visit other blogs that have similar content with yours. Comment on articles, be part of their discussions and let them know of your blog, too. Be careful not to sign in just to promote your blog. Chances are readers won’t click on your blog if it seems like spamming.
6.    Keep on writing. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t have many visitors yet. The first months are the most difficult. You have to continue writing posts, always with a witty style that will attract readers. It’s not just about attracting new readers; it’s also about keeping them. It’s an even more difficult task and is only achieved through interesting content.
7.    Be patient. The biggest problem new bloggers encounter is to keep their interest in blogging. There is always a time when you start wondering whether it is really worthy spending your time writing for such a small readership. From my own experience I can reassure you that patience is highly important. It might take a year or maybe two, but if you really want to succeed, then you probably will.

All in all, if you are really determined to get into blogging seriously, you have to be consistent and patient. If you just want to keep an online diary, sharing your thoughts with your friends, then don’t worry, everything will be so much easier for you. It's up to you