So the reason were all here on infobarrel is to make money! But the reason why you clicked here is to see the amazing opportunities that lie within ebay. (You can tell im clever).

Global sales in retail stores have been growing at a snails pace the last few years but online sales have rocketed! For many many reasons:

Access to Internet

Cheaper Products

Greater Variety

Hassle Free

My background i've spent just over 3 years trading on ebay with an annual revenue of £57000 pounds with a net profit of £19000 even after ebay fees! Due to my running costs being so slow.

Now you may ask but what do i sell? Its simple heres a few ways to source great products

1) Sales - easiest way is to buy from sales theres always bound to be something on sale where the store is willing to take a small loss on. Buy it 10 times over and sell sell sell!

2) Car Boots/ Auctions - You can outbid a small crowd on a product and easily re-sell it on ebay to a global crowd with over 100 million users!

3) Wholesalers/ Cash & Carrys/ Dropshippers - Every business requires a middle man, every town/city has a wholesale or cash & carry ready to sell to the public make use of it!.

4) Buying from abroad- RISKY! but it pays off but you may need to do your homework first a new article will be published on the exact procedures involved.

Now we have the product (s) sourced the next step is to make sure you advertise/list your product in the best appropriate manner! So remember

1) Put keywords in the title i.e if your selling a acne cream write "spots, acne, blemish, cream, etc" in order to attract the most people.

2) Make sure you have all the necessary information customers wont always bother to email you to ask questions they will just move on

3) Offer great customer service (Another thread on this too)

4)Check out the competition (Steal Ideas)

To further motivate yourself! you may think the Corporations or Big business has already won how can the small person make an income against the big guys!.Wallmart the worlds biggest retailer its greatest competitive threat is not coming from its large competitors but from online sites such as Ebay/Amazon/Gumtree. Now is your time to take this opportunity and grow big.