Do you want to make a little extra money this holiday season? Here are a few examples of how you can make some extra money this Christmas.

  1. Shovel Snow –During this time of the season the arrival of snow is upon us. And with snow there are always plenty of driveways to shovel. Build your own shoveling business. Go door to door and try to sign up customers ahead of time for and charge an upfront fee.
  2. Stock Shelves –Stores need to get their shelves stocked. Get a job in the off hours so that you can work 2 jobs if needed.
  3. Hang lights –Hanging Christmas lights can be a pain. So start a hanging Christmas light business. Go door to door and hang their lights for them. Then at the end of the season you can take them down as well.
  4. Christmas decorator – You can over your services to be a home Christmas decorator. Price them according to how much work you are going to put into it.
  5. Department store Santa –Every year someone needs to fill the shoes of the big guy. So if you like kids and don't mind red outfits, then this is the job for you.
  6. Take advantage of sales and make money on EBAY – There will be many sales during the entire holiday season including the infamous "Black Friday". Take advantage of some of the great deals and resell them for a profit on EBAY.
  7. Seasonal help – From department stores to restaurants, seasonal help is wanted. Find something that you are interested in and apply.
  8. Christmas photos (family or with Santa) –Christmas photos with family or just with Santa pick up this time of year. If you have a camera and have the patience for photography then this is a good choice.
  9. Letters to Santa –Many online businesses make a lot of money by charging around $5 to have a letter sent to their child from Santa. Take advantage of this demand and start mailing.
  10. Gift wrap –You can always gift wrap presents for customers. Just find a good location either at the mall or a store to catch shoppers as they walk out with presents in their hands.
  11. Holiday Card service –Sending Christmas cards picks up during the season. Create as service that will not only sent cards and invitations, but will also sent thank you cards afterwards.