It is so much easier to keep fit and well in summer. Those long hot, lazy days of summer may not always be quite what we had hoped for but they are still kind to us. With extended daylight and plenty of feel good vitamins from the sun, most of us feel healthy.

Come winter though it can be a different story.

With dark long nights and shorts days, minimum sunshine and light levels, cold weather, icy roads and so much more winter can be a time for ill health. Not if you take care though.

Things You Will Need

Common Sense

Vitamin supplements

A good diet

Vaccinations when appropriate

Hygienic hand wipes

Alcohol wipes for cleaning equipment

Step 1

Eat well.

Ensure that you get a sufficient supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. You nay have to eat a different selection to those available in summer but you should still be able to get your necessary nutrients and vitamins. Oranges, cabbage and sprouts, for example, are more available where I live in winter than summer. Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables also ensures that you get the best value for money.

Step 2

Dress appropriately.

Winter weather can be unpredictable. It may be milder than you expect and then suddenly change. In bad weather, transport links may be unavailable and you need to be dressed for winter weather. Good footwear is essential so that you do not slip or trip on icy paths and roads. Carrying a scarf, hat and a pair of gloves in your bag is a sensible option. They are then handy if the weather turns chilly.

Step 3

Vitamins and minerals

Many people find that they feel fitter if they take a vitamin and mineral supplement, especially during the winter months. Echinacea may help stave off winter chills and colds.

Step 4

Winter vomiting bugs.

Once upon a time, we would hear about infections such as gastric flu. These days this tends to be called the winter vomiting bug. This bug however is often accompanied with diarrhoea and can make you feel very unwell.

Good hand washing hygiene is essential. Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day and particularly after using the toilet. If you think you have developed this illness stay home. If you go to work, or out and about, once you feel a little better, you will simply spread the infection to others. Aim to stay home until you have been symptom free for 72 hours

Step 5

Swine Flu, colds and influenza.

Depending which of these infections you develop, you could be poorly for a while. Prevention will be better than cure. Make an informed choice about having any vaccinations offered to you. Again, make sure that you are scrupulous in your personal and home hygiene. Use alcohol wipes and the like to clean telephone handsets, computer keyboards and mice and the like.

Step 6

Daylight and sunlight

Make sure that you get as much winter daylight as possible. Take a walk outside in your lunchbreak to ensure that you receive some benefits from the weak mid-day sun. It may be weak but it is better than nothing. In winter many people go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, so it is important to get some dalylight if possible.

Step 7

Keep warm

Although we are all trying to help the environment and save some money, by being efficient with our energy resources, never compromise yoursafety. If the weather is bitterly cold you will need to turn your home heating up a notch. Yes, you can dress warm also but you must take care.

Step 8

Health and safety in general

When the evenings are dark early, you need to take care. Driving after dark needs more concentration, walking home means that you need to stay vigilant and even shopping can have extra hazards.

Christmas shopping unfortunately brings more pickpockets to the High Street. Always consider your personal health and safety when shopping. Think about the safest place to park your car and to shop. Make sure that you are not alone or at least are where there plenty of other people around.


As always, it is all about being well informed. Our lives should change a little during winter in order to keep safe and well. This does not mean change for the worst though. It simply means that you need to give some thought to when and where you go, whom you go with and your lifestyle in general

Tips & Warnings

Think about your safety

Carry a personal alarm

Keep warm