Winter season is almost upon us and one of the biggest issues many have is trying to clear an ice covered walk way. Many people in this country are hospitalized from slick conditions at their home let alone a slippery cold road. In this article I will show you some simple ways to prevent ice from building up on your porch and walkways.

Things You Will Need

Salt and sand mixture

Preventative landscaping

Step 1

In order to help keep your driveway, walkway, or porch from icing over from melted snow is to spread a mixture of sand and salt along your pathways. Using a little sand to help save on salt consumption has been proven to be just as effective as just using salt only

Step 2

In the mild climate months, consider digging small trenches along your walk ways that are ground level. You can fill the trenches with flowers or other plants just as long as the walk way is elevated enough to allow the melted snow drain off to the sides instead of collecting on the sidewalk.

Step 3

You can sift out ashes as well as cat litter to improve traction on the surface you need to walk on. If walking on a slick surface is unavoidable, lean slightly forward with your feet flat and take small baby steps. You can also apply a little bleach to the bottom of your sneakers to soften the rubber and improve your traction. You can also use bleach to help gain traction with your car and truck tires as well. Do not overuse as it can break down the rubber if excessively applied.


Tips & Warnings