Milkshakes are a refreshing alternative to sugary fizzy drinks. They are not only delicious, but if made carefully can be healthy when consumed occasionally. There are number of ingredients that you will need in order to make the best milkshake ever:

Firstly, you will need a full cream, thick chocolate ice cream. Choose one where the flavour is similar to rich dark chocolate. Don't try to be frugal! You do get what you pay for.

The second essential ingredient that you will require is full cream milk (if your watching your weight then by all means use light or non-fat milk, but this will sacrifice on the richness and thickness of your milkshake, but do NOT use low fat ice cream as this will not be thick enough as it is mostly composed of air).

The third ingredient that you will need is a handful of ripe strawberries and a banana. Choose good quality strawberries that are not bitter or have high water content, and likewise choose a ripe and reasonably sized banana.

Oreos is what you need next! This is self explanatory, if there is a particular flavour that you love then go for it.

The fifth essential ingredient that you will need is roasted and salted pistachio nuts. Try to look for products where the shell has already been removed. But make sure the pack is airtight so that it is still fresh. This will save you time from having to remove the shells one by one.

Now time to make it! Keep your ice cream and milk inside your fridge, while you cut the strawberries into halves and remove their leaves. Chop the banana into 3 or 4 pieces depending on what you think your blender will be able to handle. Then take your ice cream and milk out, and add a few scoops of ice cream into the blender. Then add a little bit of milk and then press the 'pulse' button as you gradually add more milk until your desired consistency is reached. It should be of a thick consistency, and by no means very runny.

Then add the strawberries and banana and again press the pulse button until the consistency is thick and not runny. Then add the Oreos and pistachio nuts and hold down the pulse button until it has been blended together but make sure that the consistency and texture of the Oreos and pistachio nuts are still noticeable when you start drinking it. That is, the mixture should still contain tinny eatable pieces of Oreos and pistachios. However, the mixture should still be able to be consumed through a large straw. For a classy touch, sprinkle some ground pistachio nuts on top of the milkshake once served into a glass. Enjoy responsibly!