Ever wanted to watch a movie or some good ol' television and wanted some popcorn, but just couldn't get that movie theater taste? Not anymore! :)

Things You Will Need

A fairly large bowl - enough to fit a bag of microwave popcorn
Microwavable popcorn
A microwave
A small container
Your favorite soda!

Step 1

Make the popcorn in the microwave. Follow the instructions on the back of the bag and make sure not to overcook it.

Step 2

Empty the bag of popcorn into the bowl but be very careful! It will be hot.

Step 3

Put about two or three tablespoons of butter into the small container, depending on how buttery you want your popcorn to be. Put the container into the microwave and heat it until the butter is totally melted. Be sure not to let it stay in too long or it might pop and explode all over the microwave.

Step 4

After the butter has melted, pour a bit of it onto the popcorn. Shuffle the popcorn and repeat this on the top dry layer. This prevents one part of the popcorn from getting too buttery. Salt each layer if you wish. Make sure you don't add too much! Remember, you can always add more salt, but you can't take it back!
Enjoy your popcorn!

Tips & Warnings

Make sure you do not overheat any foods during this process. Make sure to follow general microwave directions and do not use plastic or metal in the microwave as it may melt or start a fire. Please follow the directions on your popcorn while making it in the microwave and remember, consuming too much salted/buttered popcorn can be bad for your blood pressure and cause other problems. Remember, it's all about moderation!