Is your Cat as Happy as it can be?

Does she purr at least once a day?

Does she nap on your lap?

Research shows that Cat's are more likely to live longer if they are happy and content. Wouldn't we all! Give your cat the greatest gift of all by just making sure she is happy from day to day life. You can do this without spending thousands of dollars on expensive cat beds and cat holidays. Your cat is now moments away from basic happiness.

Nowadays it is very easy for cats to become neglected and bored; perhaps you work for most of the day, perhaps you're too tired to entertain them with toys. This article will show you how to make sure your Cat is a Happier Cat!


Is she healthy?

First, make sure your Cat is healthy. Check for gooey eyes or ears or scrawny patches of fur. This indicate that the cat has some health issues, which can be easily fixed with a quick trip to the vets.

Daily treats

Next, make sure your Cat gets its daily treat! Make sure you make it a big event for them. Crackle the plastic bag loudly and shower her with praises. She'll always remember these actions whenever you give her a feline treat.

Scratch posts!

My cat loves to scratch her claws on a scratch post. It's good for their claws, your furniture, and it helps make them feel safer. Scratching posts mean they can assert their authority and they feel happier after wards.

Adopt a sister or brother cat

Buy your Cat a Kitten - Sometimes Cat's do need company. If you adopt a kitten, your cat will be more likely to accept it as a family member. However, you should test this first before making any long term commitments. It is a good idea to have alot of space for both cats!

Kneading Pillows, purrrr

Get her a kneading pillow - If you don't like being pawed down by your cat, then buy a pillow to put on your lap as she kneads away. No need to declaw your cat from now on!

Make a cheap toy for her

Before you rush off to buy a 10 dollar ball of yarn for her to play with and get bored, make your own within your very own home and kitchen tools! Grab some twine and run around with it, letting your cat chase the string. Or, cut up some old fluffy clothes and attach it to a stick. Bounce the stick around and your cat will have immense fun chasing it! I know my cat does.

Calm your Cat down

Keep your cat away from loud noises and disturbances, including bully siblings! My brother used to torture my cat by throwing pillows around and making a racket. It's best if your cat is fully relaxed so it isn't agitated.

The lifespan of a Cat is affected by how happy and relaxed she is. If she keeps getting shocked or unsettled, her years could shorten drastically. I hope this article has helped give you a few idea's on how to make your Cat a Happier Cat!

Here is a quick checklist for you to sum everything up.
Something to look forward to once a day!


If you have already finished everything on this list, congratulations, you are a good cat owner! Now check the upcoming article to see if you are a GREAT cat owner!

If you have any more tips for fellow cat lovers and feline adorers, then please leave your comments behind on this article.

This is my kitty!

Written by a Cat Lover