The morning meal is said to be the most important meal of the day. I agree with this sentiment.

Having an alkali meal to begin the day provides your body quality nutrition and abundant energy.

Improving your diet might be more readily achievable by starting to move step by step to eating more nutrient dense food rather than changing your whole diet quickly. This is much more likely to result in not continuing on your path to better well being. The alkaline acid diet advocates eating more fruit and vegetables in your diet. For most of us, making smaller changes in any area of our life is usually easier to stay with.

Some simple ideas for healthy alkaline breakfasts include grated carrots and homemade vegetable juice. Fruit and vegetables are the main alkaline foodstuffs. On the web there is a vareity of alkaline food information charts detailing what foods are acidic and what foods are alkali forming. This information often contradicts so this makes it hard to know for sure which are the best foods to eat. It is possible to get a good indication of whether the food we want to eat will help us improve the pH balance of our body. Dietary food charts are one way to help us decide what alkaline diet breakfast foods we want to eat.

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Some breakfast cereals are very healthy. They can be full of fruit such as raisins which are known to bevery alkalizing. A good idea is drinking a fruit juice along with cereal containing fruit. This will provide the best pH balancing effect. Covering cereals with chopped fruit, e.g. bananas and strawberries are suggestions to increase the alkalizing effect of breakfast.

Other examples include fruit and vegetable drinks, scrambled eggs, eaten with some vegetables, grapefruit and natto and rice. Personally I usually make a homemade fruit and vegetable juice and eat eggs and natto. After drinking a large juice containing all kinds of minerals I feel completely hydrated and ready for the day ahead.

The alkaline acid diet breakfast plan is simply what many people consider healthy eating.

Eating a high alkaline breakfast is is a healthy option at breakfast time.