Six Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger!


Use the darkest blackest eyeliner you can find. This is to make it look like you have more lashes than you actually do. I know many of you use color eyeliner such as green, blue, purple, etc., but for bigger eyes, you're going to need a dark eyeliner, if you don't like black, use dark blue or brown. But to enhance the color of your eyes, use colored earrings, or shirt color.

-Light or Bright Purple, Greys, Oranges, Copper or Dark Blue colors, will make Black and brown eyes lighter and pop out.

-Deep Purple, Browns, Golds, Silvers, Grays will make green eyes lighter and pop out.

-Bronzes, Golds, Ambers, Lavender, Pink, Plums, Deep Purple, will make hazel eyes lighter and pop out.

-Dark Blues, Grays, Copper, will make blue eyes lighter and pop out.


If you really want color on your eyes, you can use eye shadow and there's also colored mascara you can use, or you can color your lashes with colored eyeliner (if your eyeliner is soft enough for you to do that, the eyeliners at Hottopic are soft enough), just dab your lashes with it.
Also try to extend the line at the outer corners so it will give the illusion of bigger eyes and lashes longer.
There are a few ways to do this:

The Natural

-The Natural

The C

-The C

The Cat

-The Cat Eyes

Curl Eyelashes

2. Curl Your Eyelashes.
Because of the angle of eyelashes, they will look short even if they're thick and long. You can curl your lashes before and or after applying mascara. If you're curling it after, make sure your mascara is dry.

What I like to use is 2000 calorie mascara or Lash Extension Effect Mascara both by Max Factor and slap it on after you use Ardell, not Vaseline, Vaseline acts as a make-up remover, so it's not a good idea. But when you're done with your day, take off your mascara and apply one of those or both, whatever floats your boat.

Lashes with mascara after two months of Vaseline and Adrell treatment

When applying mascara, apply one layer and wait ten to thirty seconds until it dries, then apply another coat or until you have the length you want. Do not just layer it like a cake, it needs to dry so it will hold another. Be sure to get the corners so it will make your eyes look even bigger.

4.-Fake Eyelashes or Extensions.
These, I don't recommend, because it is time consuming and you keep having to buy glue for it and you have to waste mascara on it. Extensions are expensive and will take hours to apply, it will last only a few months and you need to go back for touch-ups. But it will make your eyes look more dramatic.

5.-Eye Shadow.
If you want to use eye shadow, use a lighter color than your eyeliner. Lighter colors will make your eyes look bigger and darker colors will make your eyes look smaller. Use the above color scheme for your eyes.

6.-Circle Lenses.
You also have the option of getting contact lenses that will make your eyes look bigger. They are called circle lenses.

And I leave you here with the differences:

The Differences