In the following how-to guide I will explain how to make your own fire tender. Tender is what you use to start your fire. It's the first step in creating a good campfire before adding tender and then larger pieces of wood. There are many fire starting kits that will supply you with tender, but you can save money and get a sense of satisfaction by doing it on your own. This is also a great and safe method that would be ideal for a boy scout or girl scout troop to try out.

Things You Will Need

Petroleum Jelly Saucepan Stovetop Cotton Balls Ziploc Bag Aluminium Foil

Step 1

Place a quantity of petroleum jelly in the saucepan and heat over med low until it becomes liquid.

Step 2

Drop 5 or 6 cottonballs into the liquid petroleum jelly and allow to soak for about a minute. You might want to break them open so that the jelly can fully soak through.

Step 3

Remove cottonballs from petroleum jelly and palce on a plate to cool. Allow to harden.

Step 4

Store newly created tender balls in a Ziploc bag or wrap them securely in aluminum foil.

Pretty easy huh? Now how do you use them? Well when you plan on making a fire, take out one of your tender balls, break it open, and use your firesteel to shower it with sparks. It should burn for up to 8 minutes on its own. Plenty of time to get your fire started. Another way to use these tender balls is as a candle. Take a piece of aluminium and place the tender ball in the center. Join the corners together and twist the aluminium foil together, creating a torchlike object with the ball at the top. Poke a hole in the top with your knife and pull out some of the cotton and light it. Instant CANDLE!

Tips & Warnings