Like humans dogs get bored with the same dried biscuits or wet food week in week out.They need to have a change but before you even consider this idea I suggest you check with your vet as some dog with medical conditions may have a problem eating some types of food or biscuits.







If your dog has been brought up on wet foods only then it is not advisable to change from that routine. The same goes for a dog brought up on dried biscuits ask your vet for advice before changing the dog's diet.







A change of diet could affect him and result with a bout of diarrhea.On the other hand it could affect his digestive system, so ask for medical advice first.







If you are given the all clear then by all means try out some different ideas.







Homemade Dog treats (or small ones can be used as treats)














1 Pkt dry yeast




1 tablespoon honey




1-1/2 cups whole wheat flour




1/2 cup cracked wheat




1/2 cup chicken or beef broth (can use pwd broth and mix in warm water)




1 egg




2 tablespoons hot water














Heat oven to 170degree Celsius







Use large mixing bowl dissolve yeast in hot water. Then add the broth, honey and egg.Slowly blend in all the flour until it forms stiff dough.

Tip fees onto a floured surface and knead (like you would bread) until smooth.Roll out to approx 5 ml thick.Cut with a pastry cutter of cut into long thin fingers. Place on greased oven tray or preferably onto an ungreased baking sheet.Leave room for them to expand.




Bake for approximately 45 minutes and leave in oven to dry out overnight.







Gourmet Lambs Fry or liver treats







This is a very simple recipe to make and our dog really loves them.




Preheat oven 170deg







Buy a nice lambs fry or liver




Put it in a basin with salted water to soak for half an hour.Then peel off skin. (This is not necessary but we do it)




Cut fry into thin slices.If they are wide then cut again into thin strips.







When finished cutting spread out on oven racks in oven with a tray underneath to catch any moisture that will drip out.Cook in oven for thirty minutes or until meat has dried out.Remove from oven, let cool and store in a jar.Your dog will think that Christmas has come early.







A kind warning







Remember when trying your dog on new recipies you need to be careful not to add any onions or chocolate as these ingredients can and will make you dog sick.It could also kill him so be aware of the ingredients that you add into your recipes.







Adding ingredients to dog food




I quite often boil some rice and mix this with his meat and add some grated carrot.He loves it.You can also add pasta, potatoes or oatmeal which will give him his requirement of starch products.