Now when looking for a little bit of savings when it comes to housekeeping or furniture restoration has been on the minds of many when it comes to a tight family budget. In this article I will show you cheaper alternatives to many commercially available furniture polishes.

Things You Will Need

Common household chemicals

Step 1

To avoid unsightly build up of wax or polish on your furniture, only polish your furniture a few time of year and use the wax or polish sparingly. Using plain old mineral oil can do the job just fine. If you want a little more of a fresh sent, add a couple teaspoons of lemon juice to every two cups of mineral oil.

Step 2

One of the most effective homemade furniture polishes you can make is combining one quart of boiled linseed oil with 2 cups of turpentine. Make sure you store the remainder in an air tight container such as ball jar and store it away from children and animals.

Step 3

Another alternative to using harsh chemicals is to mix 1 part lemon oil to 3 parts olive oil. If you need to get rid of coffee mug stains, try using a little ash and a couple drops of water and rub into the stain. If the stain is still visible, step it up a notch and try a couple drops of water with a little table salt.

Tips & Warnings