Alkaline green drinks are now widely available to purchase in powdered form. These can be prepared easily by mixing with water. They provide a quick, clean and easy way to give the body an alkalizing boost and neutralise some of the excess acid ash that is produced from consuming a typical western diet.

Some of the benefits of consuming ready made green alkaline drinks that come in powder or even capsule form are that preparation time is short; you don't make much mess; and the pre-packaged green drinks contain a wide variety of nutrients from many different plants and herbs. Often the provide good value for those of us interested in the pH balance of our bodies and general health.

While I do believe in the health benefits of alkaline green powder, I often like to make my own green alkaline drinks from fresh fruit and vegetables. Mainly vegetables of course. Drinking fresh vegetable juice means there is less chance for any of the nutrients to be broken down prior to consumption. Whether or not either is better is hard to say. On the one hand ready made powdered sachets do contain a wider variety of herbs and plants than would be realistically possible to make fresh. On the other, fresh green alkaline drinks for health are closer to nature.

When making your own fresh green juice it is best to experiment to find out what suits your palette. While my drinks are always a green colour, this doesn't mean that they contain only green vegetables. I like to make juices that, while good for my health, are also enjoyable to drink. Some ideas are to add apples for sweetness or some lemons for a twist.

I usually include spinach as it is one of the most alkalizing vegetables full of nutrients. Cucumbers have a high water content so I use them when I am feeling thirsty.

There are many health benefits of alkaline green juice so regardless of whether you choose fresh or ready made they are worth considering if you feel lethargic, run down, lack concentration and so on. Rather than relying on coffee and candy to provide an energy boost, green alkaline drinks help increase energy levels in a much more health manner.

Photo by Joey Parsons distributed under Creative Commons license.