Getting the job of your dreams can be a fiercely competitive exercise. Writing a good resume is one of the key steps to giving you a chance to get noticed by a prospective employer. So you need to know how to make a resume stand out from the crowd. You do not need professional resume writing services to help you turn out a great resume. Simply follow a few common-sense resume writing tips to make your resume stand out from the crowd.


A lot of people think that a resume is simply a laundry list of your degrees and all the jobs and work experience you have gathered in your life. But a good resume involves far more than that. Your interviewer is not interested in everything you ever did, but rather, how your skills and background can contribute to the position you are interviewing for. You need to target your resume to each job that you are applying for.


Make sure that you highlight your accomplishments on your resume


In order to make a resume get noticed by a hiring manager, you should highlight your achievements in each job, academic program or internship that you mention. So, instead of just listing your school and GPA, or the job description, use action words to stress how you made the most of your opportunities. For instance, instead of saying “Sales manager at Acme Inc”, say “Managed a sales team of 5 people and increased sales volume by 30% annually.”


Customize the resume to the job application at hand


This is one of the best resume writing tips that you should keep in mind. Many people write a one-size-fits-all resume and then blanket job search sites with it. But from a recruiter’s perspective, nothing is as off-putting as an obviously generic resume. You need to make a resume that is tailored to each job application. This means reading the job description carefully, and then highlighting those aspects of your resume that relate to it, using the same or similar keywords as in the job description. It also means being selective in what you include in your customized resume. You can probably omit some non-essential information in order to make the key points stand out more. While there is no strict page limit for a resume (unless the job description explicitly says so) most people can get their key details into two pages or less. Other details (such as a list of publications) can do in a supplementary sheet if needed.


How to make a resume stand out

Definitely make sure to proofread your resume.


A single grammatical mistake or typo on your resume can sink your job application. Spelling errors can give the impression to a prospective employer that you were not very serious about applying to the job. Look over your resume repeatedly before sending it off, and also have friends or family members look it over, as it is easy to become blinded to your own writing style.

Remember, a resume is your first, and perhaps your only chance to make a positive impression on a recruiter. Once you get your foot in the door, there will be opportunities to prove your worth to others in the organization. Following the above resume writing tips will help your resume get noticed and, with any luck, land you that interview you’ve been waiting for.