Are you planning to launch your own website and have you been searching for the best resources to find how to work on it? Then you have stumbled upon the best resource for the same.

You may have created good web content, but may find that there is something missing… flashy graphics!

It is true that a website with nice graphics is like a TV commercial with vibrant graphics. A web design without graphics is boring and would not look visually appealing. After all, you would definitely want to make your website alluring to catch the attention of onlookers and make them appreciate by saying ‘YES, this is what looks interesting and I think it is worth to check this out’. The best way to do this is to affix an interesting header graphic to the web page.

How can it create the magic?

The graphic images consist of three major parts; title, background and sub-heading. When building a website, the background should relate to the main subject. Like for example, when designing a website for a school, the background might have the scenic view of the school building with small children playing around and having a good time. The title could be ‘Home away from home’. For the sub-heading, the URL of the main website may be used. It would also be nice to add a line for descriptive text that mentions all what the website is about.

It takes lot of skills and experience to design the perfect website. There are several things to consider before beginning with project. The main and most prominent area in website designing and development is the use of graphic designs.

The graphic designs and icons can make all the difference between a professional looking and average looking website. In web designs, one thing that is particularly useful is the distinction between Vector graphics and Bitmaps.

Vector graphics are created on the basis of mathematical calculations and these store images in the forms of points, lines and colors, making them easy to scale without sinking the quality of image. In fact, vector images are stored as mathematical information which is interpreted visually.

It should be known that Vector images are developed in variety of ways. These resemble drawings and illustrations which can be easily modified and can be used as a 2 dimensional animation technique. The best thing about vector graphics is that it can be used to create animations and video games. Flash which is illustration based is one such good example.

Adobe Photoshop and Abode Illustrator can be good alternative to vector images. Individuals may discover that most of the time they would be able to amalgamate the power of Raster Graphics and Vector, to make the web designs even more realistic. From the sprites to textures to the interface and motion graphics of animations and video games, there are several ways to create the magic.

The PSD sources can offer free Vector, Flash and Bitmaps to make the web graphic designs more professional and attractive and ensure continuous flow of traffic at the website.

So, unleash the power of graphics and see your site grow by attracting several people.