All of us would love to have healthy, gorgeous and managable hair. However, if you have Fine Hair, it can seem like such an impossibility, because your hair looks limp, lifeless, dull, and often greasy.

Nevertheless, fine hair doesn't have to look awful. Here are a few tips on how your fine hair can look INCREDIBLE!

Things You Will Need

An Appointment at your Favourite Hairdressers
Gentle Shampoo
A Wide-Tooth Comb

Step 1

Hair Cut

Get a Hair Cut

If you have long hair, then you might not like this, but the length could be the reason that you struggle to get volume out of your hair. This is because the weight from the length of the strands will make your hair heavy and limp.

So, book yourself a hair appointment and get those locks cut shorter. You don't have to go really short, shoulder-length would be fine, but remember that the longer you go, the heavy it'll be on the roots. If you want some real volume, consider asking to have layers or "choppy" layers putting in, and if you have a round face, try having it feathered around the face in order to soften it, whilst lightening it up on your head.

You might even consider getting an inverted bob!

Step 2

Wide Tooth Comb

Only use a Wide Tooth Comb

Get rid of your hairbrush! Hairbrushes are actually more likely to damage your hair, especially when your hair is wet. Plus, bacteria is more likely to build up on your brush which will then be transferred back into your hair making it greasy.

Instead, invest in a good wide-tooth comb. They will get tangles out of your hair far more easily than both a brush and a narrow-tooth comb, and most important it won't damage your hair.

Step 3

Gentle Shampoo

Invest in a Gentle Shampoo

Standard shampoos , especially ones that claim to volumise, tend to cling to the hair strands, but rather than bulking the hair up, this will just make your fine hair even heavier than it probably already is, making it limp.

Gentle Shampoos, on the other hand, are light, so they won't bog your hair down and make it feel heavy. Unfortunately, gentle shampoos can potentially be a little more expensive, but it really is worth it just so that your hair doesn't feel heavy.

Also, try to avoid conditioners as much as you can, especially intensive ones. However, if you really need to use conditioners, only apply it to the lengths, avoiding the roots, which is where you want the volume.

Step 4

Ban the Hair Serums

Anyone with fine hair, will be well aware of frizz, static and flyaway hair, and as a result many of us are tempted to tame it using De-Frizzing/Shine Hair Serums. Unfortunately, for most people with fine hair, their hair gets greasy quickly, and hair serums, rather than making your hair shiny, can potentially make it look greasy quicker, even if it doesn't necessarily feel greasy!

Instead, don't over-dry your hair with your Hair Drier, and consider leaving it to dry naturally whenever possible.
All-in-all, opt for shorter, potentially layered hairstyles
Don't use a hair brush, instead opt for a wide-tooth comb
Try to use gentle shampoos that don't bog your hair down in product, and only use conditioner on the roots.
Avoid de-frizzing hair serums

For reviews of products aimed at Fine Hair, please check out Kat's Beauty Reviews.

Tips & Warnings

Don't be tempted to back-comb/tease your hair, this is actuallyincredibly damaging to hair, especially fine hair. Plus, since fine hair tends to tangle really easily, it can be difficult to get tangles caused by back-combing out.