Many people are writing eBooks instead of writing the traditional paperback. The easy marketability is one reason many people are choosing this path, but the main reason is of the ability to publish yourself more easily than traditional paperbacks. The only question is getting the book sold.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Start a website. Without a doubt, you should create a website that sells your e-book for you. This way you can monitor the number of hits you are getting related to the topic. You can also make money by putting google ads on your site, which is another plus side to starting a website. Try to create a website with a professional appearance and the ability to attract a multitude of customers. Also, you should try to come up with an easily remembered domain name.

Step 2

Post on social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites are always good to market your e-book. It's another way to market your e-book for free. You should always post a link on these sites back to your blog or website.

Step 3

Use email marketing to reach customers. People don't read spam email but now and then they will see something that peaks they're interest and click on it. Thats a potential sale and visitor to your website. Email marketing is very cheap and one book sale can easily pay for an entire month of email marketing.

Step 4

Create a blog. Blogs are great for attracting customers. They are the same concept as a web page in that you can attract tons of potential buyers. You can also link your blog back to your web page and get double the views. Creating a blog can be an easy and cheap way to get customers, but many people forget to link back to their web pages. By doing this you are missing out on the number one concept of marketing.

Step 5

Create back-links. A back link is a link that is posted on one or more of your pages related to another web page. This way, if someone wants to leave your site, they end up back at one of your sites. If you have an article, social book marking site, website or blog, you should always post as many back links as possible back to the selling page for your e-book.


Tips & Warnings