Getting along with girls

Tired of going out with your friends but rarely having conversations with girls when going out, don't worry if you change a few little things you'll have a lot more success. Now before we start lets talk about hygiene.

Girls like guys that look fresh and clean, so here's some pointers that will increase your chances. These sound like basic things to do but some people tend to forget.

  • Use deodorant and perfume. You don't want to use the cheap stuff everyone else uses, you'll want some  high-end brands. although expensive for some but definitely worth the investment.

  • Wash and condition your hair regularly.

  • Shave your beard and trim the rest. You don't want to look like a caveman but still keep some of that manly chest hair, in contrast there is no place for  hair on your back.

  • Brush your teeth, floss and rinse. Nobody likes a bad breath or yellow teeth.

  • Clip your nails and make sure they are clean. If a girl spends hours on her nails the least you can do is to clip and clean them.

  • Get a pair of nice shoes and clean them regularly. Don't try to look like a homeless person and get some casual yet formal shoes. Remember that in a club they'll take some damage but girls pay attention to the details and especially shoes.

  • Get some attention grabbing but formal clothing, especially something with colors. You want people to notice you but also give them the impressions that you're educated and a gentleman. No suits, unless it's that kind of party.

  • Get a haircut, nothing flashy but still trendy.

  • Girls love accessories but they don't want you to wear more than them. A watch should suffice, no rings, you aren't married.

  • Smile.


Now that you've got that clean gentleman look it makes it easier to start a conversation. But how do you actually approach them? This is the hard part, since a good approach can mean the difference between going back to your friends or her place.

So the thing to do when you walk into a club is to just greet people, those you bump into,  they don't mind and it will give you an opportunity to just say hello to a girl and lay an initial connection.

After you've entered the club go and have a good time with your friends, don't try to chase girls right at the start of your evening since they don't want to get hit on when they just entered a club. Besides if they've been there for a little while they might get bored and up in the mood to do something different, like hitting it up with someone. One tip of advice, don't try to interrupt a conversation wait a little until she's done talking.

Don't try to use a pick up line, a simple hello suffices. Ask for her opinion about the club, the people, the music, don't start of with asking her personal information. This will show that you're interested in her as a person. For those of you having trouble keeping the conversation going, don't worry, if she likes you she'll talk. If you're the only one doing the talking and she seems disinterested just give up and move on, not doing so will only waste your time.

When the girl you like is always with her friends don't stress about it, walking up to a group of girls and talking to them will only increase your chances. First of, girls crave social approval and seeing someone walk up and talk to the entire group will make her think that you're worth something. Secondly, it creates competitiveness between them and it's always good to have girls compete over you, instead of the other way around. Thirdly and most importantly it will make you seem confident in your abilities. Don't worry about screwing up since chances are that you'll never see her again, none of your friends will know about you screwing up and you just talked to some people nothing more so there isn't any shame in striking out.

If you notice that she's interested try to ignore her a little, not much but just enough so that she tries to grab your attention. When talking  ask about her hobby’s and how she knows her friends, never badmouth her friends. Well if you've made it this far you should just let it take its natural course and hope for the best.

Some last pieces of advice, don't be afraid of touching her (upper arms, waist and grabbing her hand). When asking for her name remember it, don't worry if you didn't hear it just ask again. Stay confident and smile, girls love that naughty smile.