Feeling a little lonely? Would you like to meet some new people? It's not as hard as you might think.

Lets get started.

Things You Will Need

Newspaper, internet, transportation, and a phone.

Step 1

Be available.

Go outside. Be where people can see and meet you. You can't hide in your house and meet new friends. Washing your car, gardening, or going to neighborhood yard sales is a great start. Go to a neighbors house with a plate of cookies or muffins.

Step 2

Be friendly.

Say hi to neighbors when getting your mail or walking the dog. Keep your head up and eyes open.

Step 3

Join a club or group. You can also take a lesson.

Look in the newspaper or on the internet. Look for clubs that interest you.

Cars, Gourment cooking, Runing, Biking, Art, Dance, Motorcycles, and bible studies are all groups you could join.

Look for what interests you and join in the fun. Make time to have fun.

Step 4

Go to Church, Temple or other religous services.
You can make the greatest friends there. There are always groups to join and friends to meet.

It is easier to be friends with someone who has the same beliefs.

Step 5

Recgonize people and try to remember their names. Walk up and say hi when you see them out and about.

Step 6

Be confident.

It is hard to meet people if you look down or are unsure of yourself. Believe you are likeable and you will be.

Step 7

If you lose friends easily it might be time to get help.

Call a LCSW, Psycologist or Therapist. See if they can help you idenitify what you are doing wrong. It will be worth every penny. Most insurance covers 6 sessons for free.

Step 8

Don't forget!!

Exchange telephone numbers or emails so you can get in touch.

It can be easy to meet new friends. You need a little confience and a good location. It can be as easy as washing your car and talking to a neighbor.

Tips & Warnings

Don't be overly agressive. Many people don't want to change phone numbers until you have met a few times.

Be friendly. Don't argue. If you don't like someone move on and let it go.

Smile. It makes you more approachable.