meet a rich man

So you have decided you have had enough of meeting guys who can't pay their own way or treat you like you know you deserve? You're tired of working non-stop and saving every penny and you would rather be a lady of leisure? You also think it would be nice to live a nice life where you drive a nice car and spend most of the day relaxing! Well plenty of women feel the same but don't do anything about it. However a good friend of mine called Isabel about 4 years ago told me that she wanted to meet a rich guy and she actually went and did it.

Isabel had just broken up with her boyfriend of 2 years who was a bit of a waste of space. He didn't have a steady job or any prospects and was constantly asking to borrow money from her as she was the one working about 40 hours a week to pay the rent. Well she ended it with him and told me she was going to find someone rich so she would never have to work another day again. I laughed and told her there are no rich men around our neighbourhood anyway. She said she would find them.

So what she did was she went up town and started hanging around the nightclubs. As she started on the circuit she soon realised where all the rich men were hanging out. It was at the members only clubs. Isabel wasn't a member but she was very determined. She arrived in a really short dress and told the doormen that she was meeting her boyfriend their later on (in theory she actually was). The doormen weren't going to leave her out in the cold so they let her in. She did the same at other members clubs in the area and soon enough she could just walk in unchallenged as they recognised her. She was going to these clubs for 2-3 times a week and was mingling with a lot of the millionaire men who attended on a regular basis. Secretly Isabel was networking to try and find out just who exactly were the rich guys. As you would normally get one rich guy in a group and load of hangers on.

Soon enough Isabel had her hit list of 3 particular guys she thought were cute and knew were all millionaires and most importantly were single. She went for the first guy called James and since Isabel is such a breathtakingly stunning lady he certainly wasn't going to say no. She flirted with him in the club so much that he was smitten! He treated her to some nice gifts, i saw her with some new Santi Handbags and a lovely london times dress! Isabel was smitten too and within 6 months he had proposed to her!

I asked Isabel if she would ever tell him that he was part of a cunning plan to bag a rich guy and she just winked, laughed and said "what plan?"….