Motivating a team

As a team leader we should know how to motivate our team to the right direction in order to the perfection of our work to be done. Before going to motivate the team members we must consider some of the important methods that are stated here:


Set A Clear and Specific Goal

The first step we can take is to set an achievable goal to the team and make them understand the specificity of the goal. It should be a realistic milestone that needs considerable amount of effort and intelligence to put in for achieving. The team should be provided with all kind of necessary information and the time-span that will be needed to complete the job as well as all the required procedures with updated technologies.


Recognizing the Team’s Motivation

Everybody has got his own motivation. We have to recognize them and motivate them according to that. We know that each of them is motivated to a certain extent and by knowing that level we can help them to move forward to higher levels of motivation.


Explain the Purpose of the Goal to Your Team

If the team members remain unaware of the purpose of the goals they will fail to understand the importance of the whole job they are employed to. So this is our duty to clarify to them why they are given the very tasks and the reason behind setting that particular target. We should always share our visions with our team so that they can be focused to that goal and get motivated towards it.


Understand the Needs of Our Team Member

In order to motivate the team we have to understand what are the needs of our team members, what make them happy and what interest them in their works. Discussing all these with them in a friendly manner give them support and encouragement to progress.


Offer Recognition, Incentive

Recognition, incentives etc are considered as motivators at work-place because if they receive positive feedbacks from us they feel motivated to act more efficiently. The recognition and rewards are the appreciation of their performance and contribute as booster to finish their job more effectively. At the end of the job or achieving a goal if they are rewarded with some honor or given the opportunity to share the thoughts of accomplishing the same in front of the members and prestigious people they will feel proud and attached to their work and team.


Take Failures as the Pillars of Success

Being a head of an organization we may face failures very naturally but we should not change our attitude for that because this attitude motivates the people of our team.We should take failures as the pillars of success. As soon as we stumble and fail we are sure to reach closer to our destination and step on the top.  So we should always help our co-workers to progress in a way that they do not stop and step back just by facing hurdles.


Be a Role Model to Them

This is always to be remembered that our team members follow us and if we break any rule or fail to act as we promised they will be demoralized towards the job. We are the chief bodies to direct them and they expect us to abide by all the rules and follow the way we proceed and will try to learn from us. So we should behave in an idealistic manner so that it can motivate them from every aspect.


Be Consistent and Authentic

We are not supposed to change decision in a frequent manner. The fulfillment of the job depends on the firmness of the decision and hence we should be consistent in decision making and also choose the right one at the right time. When we appreciate any contribution and performance or any new idea it should be an authentic appraisal for breeding more creative concepts.


Eliminate the De-motivating Factors

Factors that de-motivate the team should be removed and those factors include unclean environment, uncertainty of salary and untimely payment, frequency of absence, lack of purpose and organization, lack of faith and support, carelessness in sincerity and difficulty in achieving goals.


All the above-stated motivating approaches lead to a successful achievement of a milestone by working together and being a leading part of it.

how to motivate a team