Pain in the back

Diary of a back in pain

Part one

So, its been nearly 12 years to the date when I first experienced lower back pain.

I was pregnant at the time and off-handidly I blamed it on that. (I tend to still blame my kids for a variety of my pains, although now its more 'empty purse syndrome' and a low level headache) My back used to what i'd call 'give way' and shoot an arrow-like pain to somewhere deep in the unmentionables! But I was relatively fit, had done a fair amount of exercise in my life and was fairly confident 'it will pass'. So were most other people, and i'd like to thank you now for those kind words of encouragement!

Fast forward past the birth, (if only you actually could) and the lower back was still giving me jip.

My symptoms tended to still be that sudden giving out sensation and a shooting pain straight across the buttock, causing a certain amount of swearing and cursing, accompanied by waking in the night with the feeling that someone was stabbing me in the back as I turned over. 

That's not all, you should have seen me in the mornings. Watching me trying to get a sock on was funny to some, mostly my now ex husband, yet extraordinarliy depressing for me. It was as though I had somehow fast forwarded to being 90 (no offence intended to many fit 90 year olds). Yet I was 25. 

For those who have experienced back pain in some form or other, will join me I suspect in the all encompassing way it intrudes in your everyday life. It's there in your mind from the moment you get up, overtakes a huge proportion of your conversations and undoubtibly starts to take on a life of it's own. People stop calling and asking how you are, instead they ask how the back is? "How's the back today? "Oh yes great thanks, I took him out to dinner last night..."

After a while though people lose interest. Your back, once a hot topic of divulgent descriptive ways to get across your pain, has become a nobody. Yesterdays news. It's just your back again.

Those friends have stopped calling, even your mum. Ok ok, enough of the over dramatic lonliness back sufferers endure for months on end....oops!

Now a tiny bit about me, as yet again the back gets all the attention,  i've never been one for pain killers. I tend to think pain is there to tell me there's something not right and to simply kill the pain would be in effect like cutting off my foot if my too tight shoes were hurting. I like to find a cause, a reason, something I can think about putting right.

So I headed to an Osteopath. My first port of call simply because I remebered during one of those conversations where someone delights in telling you they had exactly the same thing and they were cured miraculously by one of those and did in fact marry them.

In order to not endlessly drone on about the back, it will only give it a big head, I have decided to break this up into manageable bitesized entries.

But please return to read part two, and be introduced to the tennis ball, a plank and a physio named Dave.