In addition to the numerous emotional benefits to becoming married, there are also legal advantages. For example, you may be able to file your income taxes together and thus save money, or you may be able to share in employee benefit structures. To reap these legal advantages in the Lone Star state, you will have to obtain a Texas marriage license. Here's how you can do that.

Things You Will Need

1 form of identification each (driver ID, passport, certified birth certificate, etc.)
1 social security card each, or knowledge of the number
Fee (less than $100)
A Texas marriage license application

Step 1

Visit the local county clerks office in your area. You can find a list of offices in your phone book or at the state website.

Step 2

Both members of the couple must bring one form of identification (driver's license, certified
birth certificate, etc.)

Step 3

Both members of the couple should bring their social security card, if possible. If this is not
possible, make sure that you both know your SS number.

Step 4

The soon to be bride and groom must each sign the application. Wait to do so until instructed
by a clerk.

Step 5

Pay the fee. It should be less than $100. The state may be able to waive the fee in exchange
for your participation in a spousal education class.

Step 6

Schedule a date for the ceremony. Chances are, you did this already. Be they secular or religious, many venues requires months or even a year worth of notice in advance. Do your best to ensure that the wedding ceremony occurs between the end of the three day waiting period and the thirty day window before the Texas marriage license expires.

Good luck, and enjoy your life together as a married couple.

Tips & Warnings

Applicants for a Texas marriage license should be 18 or older.

Those between the ages of 16 and 17 must have judicial or parental approval to obtain a
Texas marriage license.

Out of state residents may still be eligible for a Texas marriage license.

Between the issuance of the Texas marriage license and the official ceremony there is a
72 hour (3 day) waiting period. This waiting time does not apply for active military members.

A Texas marriage license is valid for 30 days only.

Divorcees must wait 30 days before re-marrying in the state, though they may seek a Texas
marriage license during that time.

This article does not constitute legal advice. For that, seek the help of an attorney.

Always check in with the county and state for the latest rules and regulations.