Optimization of your computer may seem a daunting task initially. But here, I am giving some pc optimization tips which can be put in to practice by even a novice in the computer field. As with any other machine, the system also needs maintenance on a regular basis. Optimization of the pc will increase the speed and overall functioning of the computer.

Things You Will Need

You have to simply follow the instructions given below. In addition to that, you may require a good anti-virus and a suitable registry fixer to be installed in your system. Even if you do not have any, just go ahead to read the rest.

Optimizing the computer may sound intimidating for many, especially the novices. But there are some optimization techniques that can be followed by any computer user, regardless of their technical ability.

The computer stores a lot of information in the form of temporary files, cookies, history etc. Delete all these unwanted data by using the tools option in your browser. You can change the settings in your browser to delete them more frequently.

Deleting the temporary internet files can remarkably increase the speed of your system. Try to bookmark the web pages that you plan to visit in future as well.

People used to download so many media files which consume more space in the system. This can cause gradual slow down of the system. You can transfer the not so essential data in to a hard drive or CD.

Delete all the unwanted programs in your system. All these will free quite a lot of space in the hard disk.

Viruses and spyware can cause harmful effects on the system including extreme slow down of the pc. A good anti-virus program can detect these malware and destroy them.

Registry error is the next factor that affects the performance of the computer. When you install and uninstall several programs in your system, the registry will be full of obsolete data, which may later cause several applications to fail. The computer slows down, crashes and often behaves in an erratic way.

Using a registry cleaner will remove the corrupted data in the system registry. In addition to that, it improves the overall functioning of the pc. The startup manager option in the program enables the users to restrict the number of programs during the computer startup. Many of these are easy to use programs meant for the ordinary user.

A scanning will reveal the errors and the user can instruct to correct them which will take hardly a few minutes. It will be worth if you look for a registry cleaner with pc optimization function for your system.

Tips & Warnings

Never attempt to edit the registry on your own unless you are confident of the action and its outcome.