Cookie Exchange

We all love those wonderful, tasty Christmas cookies throughout the holiday season. Gathering all your baking friends together for an evening is such a fun ordeal. It's just a part of the holiday cheer to organize a cookie exchange for everyone.



To make this the most fun, send out invitations. Make it an official holiday invitation as if it were a party. This is a social event that is so much fun! Make sure you state on the invitation that it is a requirement to bake cookies. Everyone must bake the same amount of cookies. Whether you make it 6 dozen or 8 dozen, everyone bakes the same.

It would not be a party without goodies to eat too. Besides the actually exchanging of the cookies and the socializing, there should be food.

Make sure that you introduce the guests as there may be some who don't know each other.

Sometimes, the hostess will ask everyone to make 1 or 2 dozen extra cookies for the party itself. This is a great idea! Why not be able to taste the cookies you are taking home. There may also be other party foods and drinks which are great at parties to snack on.

Designate one special table for all the cookies before the actual exchange. Make sure you take a picture of the cookies with the bakers if possible. If you have time after the holidays you can send each participant a copy of the picture or email it to them.

It's a great idea for everyone to have recipe cards for every guest (possible on 3x5 cards) so they will have the recipe for the cookies they are taking home.



To do this at work, you could either plan it after work or on your lunch break. Make sure you email everyone or make up flyers to get as many people involved as possible. Another idea with a cookie exchange is to ask all participants to make a small amount of extra cookies for a cookie drawing sweepstakes winner. This can be around 6-12 cookies. Each participant gets a chance to win all the sweepstake cookies to take home. By placing each participants name in a box or hat and asking one non- participating person (if possible) to pick a hand written name, the chosen person will take home the extra cookies as an added prize. It just adds to the fun of a cookie exchange for the holiday season.