For a lot of extracurricular activities, fundraising is involved. Some of those fundraising tactics include ticket sales for certain types of food such as port-a-pit chicken or spaghetti suppers. When I was first presented this fundraising style as a coach it was a mess, however I have condensed the entire process into an easy to organize and handle fundraiser!

Things You Will Need

*Access to computer and printer

*envelopes to place tickets in

*A roster listing the tickets and who was responsible for selling them

* and of course the tickets

Step 1

Start out by making a list of everyone that will be responsible for selling the tickets that you were provided by either the organization you are raising money for or from the food vendor. This helps you keep the numbers of tickets in a corresponding amount so you can evenly spread about 10 to each individual depending on the size of the team.

Step 2

Now you can make a roster of the names, which ticket numers, how many they sold, and the money they turned in for the tickets.

At this point you are designating who gets what tickets and who is responsible for those tickets and money turned in. Example: if someone is given 10 tickets, and they sell 6 tickets they should have the money for those six tickets and then turn in the last 4 tickets that they did not sell.

Step 3

Now you can put the individuals tickets into envelopes with their corresponding names so that each individual knows whose tickets are what. This envelope can also be their money holder for the tickets sold. I like to inform parents of this procedure so that they can help their students keep track of the money and tickets- if a ticket is lost, it is the individual's responsibility to pay for.

Step 4

Lastly, it is nice to have rewards for those elite few who may go above and beyond and sell all of their tickets and need more, so I like to reward those idividuals with a free ticket for themselves and if they need more tickets it is always nice to keep them handy for more sales. The goal is to sell as many tickets to raise the most money possible!

Lastly, just remind the team that they are working together on this and that the more tickets they sell the more monetary benefit to them and the things that they need. Maybe name some individuals that they could ask first and if you know someone, direct them to a team member that is selling tickets to get more sales! Overall , make sure that everything is accomodated for at the end of the fundraiser after giving them enough time to sell tickets.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure to remind the team that they are responsible for any lost tickets and money

Clearly state who checks can be made out to on the money collection envelopes

Use modern technology to network the information about the fundraiser- it is one of the most powerful fundraising tools now!