How to overcome Lortab Addiction lortab withdrawal and lortab abuse

A lortab addiction is easy to begin, and hard to end. The addiction to this prescription drug is classified as a narcotic addiction because that is what the classification of the drug is under. This medication is prescribed to someone who is in pain and needs relief, but it has very addictive properties.

Sometimes it can be hard to recognize or distinguish if a person is dealing with an addiction to the medication. This is because the symptoms can mask themselves and make it seem like there is another cause but in truth it is lortab addiction.

The following is a list of physical examples of drug addiction side effects or symptoms one might experience: a actual need for the drug, aches, nausea, hallucinations, vomiting, sweating, and depression.

The tricky thing is these symptoms can be present even when a person is not addicted to the drug, making it hard to differentiate. There are some psychological and emotional symptoms that can point to a narcotic drug addiction as well. They are one being antisocial, uncontrollable moods, and lying.

These are often the easier of the symptoms to recognize and also help make the determination if a person is in a bad place. If a person is found to have an addiction, there are many rehabilitation facilities that can treat them and get them on the path to recovery. This is a very easy addiction to occur even if that is not what you were looking for.

A person dealing with a narcotic addiction should never be ashamed to get help; in fact, if you have gotten help before it is very import that you do not let the shame of not staying clean keep you from trying again. If I would not have tried to get clean again all the times that I failed trust me you would not be reading this post you would probably be reading about me for some drug related crime or more than likely in the obituaries.

There are many ways one can stop using lortab from tapering to cold turkey and lastly opiate addiction treatment which is probably the best choice for most because it requires you to be in a structured environment to overcome your lortab addiction.

If you choose to go to opiate addiction rehab you will be taken care of by a staff of trained medical assistants who will basically look after all of you needs. Including given you prescription medications to help ease the pain of lortab withdrawal. This type of lortab detox takes less than a week; however, I would strong suggest that you continue on in residential treatment so you can learn how to stay clean when you leave rehab.

In residential you will attend group, lectures, 12 step meetings, and drug addiction therapy. There will also be others there just like you who are trying the best they can to overcome there addiction.

It has been my experience that those who do not go to residential treatment will and this I can guarantee you. A lot of them will use as soon as they hit the streets. I may seem harsh to you but this is just the facts of what I have lived and seen.

I would also have an aftercare plan in place for when I left rehab this can be as simple as writing out a list of the things you intend to do for your new found recovery; for example, you could find out when and where local NA meetings are and what time they meet. Another option would if you plan on seeing a therapist would be to call ahead and make an appointment with a drug addiction therapist.

Good luck