Is that old 2 drawer metal file cabinet of yours looking the worst for wear? Or is it just in urgent need of a new look. Then before you consider giving it to some charity , you may well consider giving it a simple paint job. This ain't a major task in fact the cost of re painting your cabinet will cost you less than buying a new one.

And there is advantage in terms of choosing the color you want, this could be a plus if you want to blend the color of your cabinet with it's surroundings or maybe you might want to go off the hook and paint it red, yellow, and green that would probably come in handy if you were staying in Jamaica in Kingston town somewhere. But what ever color you choose make sure you are satisfied with the end result.

This article will touch on the basics of painting your file cabinet. The things you will need for this job are pretty common and can be purchased at any hardware store. Obviously you will need 1 metal file cabinet, a clean cloth or drop cloth, a metal primer, and spray paint in what ever color you choose.

OK so lets get things started, before you begin you may want to lay down a plastic floor covering, depending if you decide to do this job indoors or outside. As a precaution if you decide to do it indoors then make sure there is plenty of ventilation for the fumes to escape, and for extra protection you can purchase a filter mask for under 2 bucks.

OK if indoors then put the cabinet on the plastic floor covering, if outside than disregard that last comment, but i must add that when working outdoors there is a chance that foreign objects may attach themselves to the paint work so just make a note of that. Remove the handles of the cabinet , if you can't do this than just cover them completely with masking tape.

If there is traces of rust, simply sand these areas with fine course paper. It is important to make sure that the cabinet is clean of all traces of dirt, grime, and rust before adding your primer. Using a metal primer is best, if unsure then ask at the counter of your hardware store. Spraying your cabinet as opposed to painting it is much quicker and less work for you.

After you have sprayed your cabinet with primer , then wait for 15 to 20 minutes for the primer to set and simply spray paint it with your chosen color. Do the first coat lightly , let it dry and then ad your final coat and your done, now you can be proud that your old 2 drawer filing cabinet just got a new make over.