This guide will show the steps needed to sucessfully pass the COMPTIA A+ Exam

Things You Will Need


Free time to study

Money to purchase "brain dump" or "study guides" (OPTIONAL)

Step 1

The COMP-TIA A+ Exam is a two part exam (software and hardware). Use your computer and goto the COMP-TIA website. On the website it will give an over-view of what is required to pass the test.

Step 2

Most people require a refresher of certain concepts that is required on the test. The perfect item for this is a study guide. The study guide will break down each of the overview items (from step 1) so you can understand it further. Additionally it will also give example questions. Purchase a study guide and learn on the areas you appear weak in

Step 3

There are numerous sites that will give you example questions on the COMP-TIA A+ exam. I would recommend taking 1-3 of theses tests. After you have taken them, if you are scoring below 70% i would recomend steps 4 and 5. If you are consistently scoring above the 70% mark, you should be able to take and pass the A+ exam.

Step 4

Another option is to purchase what is called a "brain-dump". This is where a person dumps all their information they obtained when they took the test. Usually a brain-dump will consist of questions and answers from multiple people so it can give you the best chance to pass the exam. Be warned that this method is frowned upon. After purchasing and studying the brain dump i would repeat step 3. If you are still not obtaining a 70% or higher on the practice exam, i would recomend step 5.

Step 5

The last option would be to attend a technical "boot" camp. This is where you will immerse yourself into a classroom setting focused on ensuring you pass the exam. Usually companies that offer the boot camp offer a 100% pass rate. This option can be expensive and i would recommend leaving this as a final option.
Passing the COMP-TIA A+ exam can be difficult, but with proper study time and study materials you can pass the exam confidently.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure you devote time to study. The number one issue about failing is lack of study!

Get plenty of rest and you are focused on your exam date. Arrive early!

Dont try to study a few minutes before the exam. It can cloud your judgement