Car rides can be long and boring. Sometimes you need to find things to do in the car to pass the time by quickly. Whether you are the driver or the passenger there are always a few things that you can do.

Things You Will Need

Music player, CD's, DVD Player, DVD's, Notebook, pen

Step 1

Purchase a portable DVD player. Watching movies in the car can pass time by very quickly as it can occupy you. Many times you won't even know that you are driving in a car. Portable DVD players are very affordable these days.

Step 2

Bring a notebook and a pen. Whether you are playing hangman, tic-tac-toe, or doodling can help you pass time in a car. Also, you never know what you may think of in a car. You could write down your thoughts or even a silly story. If you are going on a vacation, writing down all the events you are doing may also be a great idea so you can look back and remember your vacation clearly.

Step 3

Bring an iPod, mp3 player or a CD player in the car. This is the best option for people who get nervous in the car. Listening to music is very soothing for most people. Listening to music in the car can take your mind off of the stress of traffic. Let the driver worry about traffic while you listen to music and relax.

Step 4

Look around at the scenery. Chances are, if you are trying to pass time in the car, you are probably driving a long way. Looking around at the scenery around you can be neat if you aren't familiar with it. As you drive, the landscape may change and give you the opportunity to see things that you may not have in your hometown.

Step 5

Take pictures of the beautiful scenery around you. Pictures create great memories for scrapbooking and looking at pictures years later. It is useful to print out the pictures shortly when you get home so you can write the date and location on the back of the picture.

Step 6

Play I Spy. This is something that both the driver and the passenger can do. For an example, someone in the car simply says "I spy something red". The other players have to identify what it is that they are looking for.

Instead of complaining about the boring car ride, pass time in the car by doing a few activities.

Tips & Warnings