Internet service is a necessity but can be expensive. Nowadays, internet service can no longer be considered a luxury as the internet plays a critical role in so many facets of our daily lives. But broadband internet through cable or DSL is not cheap. Here I present some ways to pay less for internet service

First, do some research online or by looking at print ads, or calling internet service providers (cable internet as well as DSL are both options for broadband service), to get a sense of what kinds of plans they are offering. It might be that you already have internet access, but are not happy with the monthly bill

Pay less for internet service and get the cheapest internet service possible


Many internet service providers will offer good promotional or introductory offers to get you to sign up. For instance they might offer you a significantly lower monthly rate for the first few months or the first year of your contract. Or they might offer a good deal if you sign up for a one year commitment. However, sometimes they will not remind you when your contract expires, and increase your rate significantly after the introductory period. They are counting on your forgetting to renew the contract before it expires, so that they can now charge you a higher rate.


Choose a contract that is the best value for the service provided. Make sure to note the expiry date of the contract, so that you can renew it before it expires, and thus keep the introductory rate


If you are not happy with what you are currently paying for your internet service (or find that the rate has increased after the introductory promotional period has expired), call your internet service provider and threaten to switch to another provider with a better deal unless they can do better. If you currently have cable internet, you could look into how much DSL costs (or vice versa if you currently have DSL), and use that as your rationale for switching


You might be pleasantly surprised when your internet provider offers to lower your monthly bill significantly to match or exceed the competing offer!


Monitor your credit card bill closely (if you set up your internet service payments as an automatic monthly recurring payment) as that could be your first clue that you are no longer getting the favorable introductory rate.