Engagement rings are very special to your women.  You want to choose the most perfect ring that she will love.  Find out how you can pick out the perfect engagement ring that she will be showing everyone.

Things You Will Need

Really, the only thing you need to buy a ring is a little creativity and some money.  You don't need a lot of it to buy a ring as long as you are creative.

What does she like?

First, find out what she prefers. She may prefer silver, white gold or yellow gold. This is one of the most important parts of the ring. If she is wearing mostly white gold, then yellow gold may look out of place on her finger. You should also find out what type of rock she likes. Most likely she will like diamonds but every girl is different. She may like a ring that sits lower or one that sits higher on her finger.

Where are you going to get it?

Next, find a jeweler that you can work with. Many jewelers mark up their jewelry way too high just to make money. Find a dealer that is willing to negotiate. There are some dealers that will not go down in price and only give you the ring for the price that is listed. Go to the jewelry dealer with a price in mind. Do not let the jeweler talk you into spending more than you want.

Does it match?

Find an engagement ring that matches the wedding band. It is important to find something that looks good and fits with the wedding band that you like.

Usually it is frustrating for a man to pick out jewelry for the woman of his dreams. With help from a very knowledgeable jeweler you will be out to find something that both of you will absolutely love.


You don't have to find a ring that is super expensive.  There are many great looking vintage rings at thrift stores and antique shops that the women in your life may love.  Some people are engaged and decide not to get married and the ring ends up at a pawn shop.  This is another great place to look for a ring.  Don't think of it as a hand me down.  Think of it as a great way to save money and get the beautiful ring she wants.  You can get a ring that is worth much more at a pawn shop where you pay much less.  Her family and friends will be amazed with the beauty of the ring.  Be creative, get some ideas and remember it isn't always about the cost.


The worst thing you can do is go into debt because of the cost of the jewelry.  I have known some people that have spent thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry that they can't really afford.  It is very unfortunate when later they find out that they cannot make the payment every month or they end it with the woman that they were with.

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