Everyone wants to win the lottery. Most people fantasize about it at one time or another. The consensus of most lottery winners is that it is easy to pick the winning lottery numbers. These steps are how most big lottery winners that have shared their secrets pick the winning lottery numbers. This is just for fun so please don't assume that you will win the lottery just by following these steps. You have just as good a chance as the rest though! Good luck!

Things You Will Need

Your intuition
A pen and paper
$1 to play the lottery

Step 1

Before going to bed, clear your mind off all thoughts except the lottery. Think about the upcoming drawing and what you would do, buy, change, etc. if you won the lottery. This is the first and most important step to pick the winning lottery numbers. Think about winning until you finally drift off to sleep.

Step 2

When you wake up, write down any numbers that you dreamed about. If you did not dream about any, write down the first numbers that pop into your head. You must pick the winning lottery numbers when you first wake up. Do not think about anything else! Just let them come to you!

Step 3

Play the winning lottery numbers every drawing. The winning lottery numbers may not be the winning numbers for the next drawing but the drawing 3 or 4 weeks away. Never give up on the winning lottery numbers you have!

Step 4

Read about lottery winners and how they pick the winning lottery numbers. There is a show on TLC called "How the Lottery Changed My Life." Watch the show and take notes on how they pick the winning lottery numbers. Be optimistic!

Step 5

If you want to increase your chances, also pick some machine generated numbers as well as the ones you dreamed or thought of that morning. The more lottery picks you get, the more chance that you have the winning lottery numbers.

Always know that the odds of winning the lottery are very slim. This is just a fun consensus between lottery winners on how they picked the winning lottery numbers. You have just as much chance of winning the lottery as any one else who plays. Remember, this should be done for fun and not out of necessity.

Tips & Warnings

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem call 1-800-522-4700, the Gambling hot line.