Planning prom

And that is a great thing because who else than you know what are you expecting from this party. You know what you like to eat, what music you like to listen to, and all those other things that adults will never understand. But there is one, big problem - the organization of such an event is not a bed of roses. It is a hard work but if done right the reward is compensating for all the effort.


So, let's get to this hard work, shall we. The most important thing to do is to create a good and detailed plan. It is the backbone of your success. Without it, you can forget about a party better than average. The best way to start is to come up with tasks you have to do, for example, finding and reserving a venue, hiring a good band, or organizing food and beverages. Then, divide your committee into sub-committees, each one responsible only for one of these tasks. It is crucial that everyone knows their place in the team and knows what they are directly responsible for. As a head of the committee, your task is the most important one: checking up on the sub-committees and taking care of finances.


Obviously, you can designate a person to deal with the financial aspect of the preparations, but you should keep a close eye on this issue anyway as you are the one who will be held accountable for eventual problems. So, as soon as every sub-committee submits its first, tentative ideas, you have to estimate the overall cost of the prom. Doing that will allow you to establish the price of a ticket and the sum you need to get from fund-raising. Make sure that every time cash goes from one hand to another this fact is recorded and signed by a payer. Never just take money for a ticket and put it in your wallet. Prepare a separate envelope for that purpose. Note down who, when, and how much pays and ask for their signature. That is the only way to clear your name should any problems arise.


Finally, if your finances allow for that, you can think about additional attractions for your friends. You can organize a prom beauty contest with prizes, ask a graffiti artist to decorate the venue (obviously, he would paint on walls covered with cardboard boxes, for example), or buy a few prom dresses 2012 catalogs to your school's library. Such small things will make your prom better that the ones organized by other schools.


As a final thought, remember that you cannot allow for spontaneity or improvisation in the team. Everything should go according to a well-designed plan or else you risk a total failure for which you are going to be held responsible by your friends. They, as well as you, are paying for the party so make sure their cash is well spent.