Would you like to know how to play solitaire games? These card games are ones that you play by yourself (it's a derivative of solitary). You can play online, or with physical playing cards. The online solitaire version is the same as the original; it's just faster because the dealing is all automated. Follow these steps to learn how to play solitaire games.

Select an online site that has solitaire. It's actually easier to learn how to play solitaire online because a lot of the work is automated. You'll find that they deal the cards for you. This saves you the trouble of placing 7 cards face down in a horizontal row, then skipping the first card on the left and placing a card on top of the other 6, then skipping the first 2 piles on the left and placing a card on the other 5, and so on. Then at the end, each of the top cards are flipped over.

How to play solitaire games onlineCredit: AmberdawnLook for consecutive cards. That is, if you see a 6 and a 7, those are consecutive. You want to place the smaller card (6) on the larger card (7). However, there is a catch when you're learning how to play solitaire by the rules. Now that you've found consecutive cards, they ALSO need to be of the opposite color. So for example, a 6 of diamonds can go on a 7 of spades or clubs. Continue to place consecutive cards of alternating colors on each other. Each time you remove a face up card from a pile, turn the new top card face up.

Fill in blanks. When you get to the end of a pile and have an empty "hole," you can fill it with a king. This will free up piles underneath kings.

Continue until you run out of those cards in your row. Now you will defer to the pile of leftover cards. If you were learning how to play solitaire with physical cards, you would count 3 cards, and only use that third card. See if it fits any of the face up cards. In the example, it would be great if it was a black 5, because it could go on that red 6. Continue this process of checking every third card to see if you have a consecutive card to place it on. When you get to the bottom of the pile, you can simply start at the beginning going through every third card (it works because if you've taken one out it displaces the rest). With online solitaire all you need to do is click that top pile. It will deal every third card for you.

Put an ace in its place. When you get an ace, you will place it in a row above the main row of cards starting on the right. Then you'll place consecutive cards from the SAME suit on that pile. For example, if you place an ace of hearts in the top row, and then you come across a two of hearts, place it on top of the ace. Once you've gotten all the cards from each suit up onto all 4 aces, and you're out of cards, you've solved the solitaire puzzle! Have fun learning how to play solitaire games. Good luck!