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Potty train your dog

How To Potty Train A Puppy

                    It doesn’t matter what your dog’s breed is, all I know is it takes time and patience to teach a dog what you wanted him to know. Pet owners tend to treat their dogs as part of the family; they get to eat with them, sleep with them and play with them inside the house. Because of this, the dogs sometimes forget who the real boss is. They may start to act bossy like they own the whole place.

               It’s indeed frustrating on how you can teach them the right thing to do when there’s this communication barrier between you being human and them being a dog. You cannot just say some words like they understand it; so what’s the best way for you and your dog to understand each other?

First, observe them; how they act?

Observing is the basic of potty training. You cannot start potty training a dog if you don’t know its characteristics. By observing your puppy, you can list down some things that might be important in potty training. How many minutes is the time interval when he needs to do his thing?

Proper timing

So now you know when your puppy might need to go to the toilet because of proper observation, all you need now is the proper timing. If for instance your puppy does his thing every 10 to 15 minutes, be ready then to bring him where you wanted him to potty and wait for him to finish. That way, it will be his hobby going to that area when he needs to potty.

Taking some time to walk with them

You can either train your puppies to potty in a certain area inside your house or take him outside to do his thing. Just like potty training him inside the house, you should take some time to walk with him until he’s done. Anyway, walking your puppy outside is another form of exercise that they need to keep healthy. Puppies ranging from 2 to 3 months need a walk; based on some articles that I have read there’s a tendency that your puppy will get insane if he’s confined inside the house without daily exercise or activity with some playmates.  

Be consistent

We know for a fact that animals and humans cannot understand each other; that’s why we are doing this process for them to know what we are trying to imply. If you will be consistent in showing them the proper house rules, then it will be stuck into their minds. After consistently repeating the rules you wanted them to know, they will soon follow them without your supervision.

Rewards and incentives

When your puppy did the right thing, show him you’re glad with what he did by giving him a reward in the form of special treats or by simply saying the words like “good boy!”, “good girl!”, and tapping him on the forehead. That way he’ll think that that’s what makes you happy and that when you’re happy, he also gets a reward from you.

Never punish a puppy

It’s normal for them to commit mistake because you’re in the process of training them; so don’t ever punish your puppy in a hard way like not giving them food or shouting at their face or letting them lick their pee. When they commit mistake, just be patient in cleaning it and pursue your training.

Proper diet

Some owners thought that leaving their puppies with water and food 24 hours is fine; no it’s not. Give your puppy’s meal on consistent time and take their bowl after eating. Give them some water so they won’t get dehydrated but don’t leave it the whole day with them.

Paper technique

Potty training actually has many tricks and techniques; one is putting a news paper inside their crate and folding it until it gets really small. The moment the news paper gets small, that’s the time when your puppy knows where he can actually pee or poo.

Be patient

Potty training is not easy, so if you really wanted to make your puppy potty trained, be patient. With consistently training and guiding him, he will also get it in no time and when he does, you will surely be comfortable with him roaming around your house without thinking he might pee and poo on the floor and your bed sheets.

               Having a dog inside the house is really relaxing. It actually lessens stress whenever they wait for you to come home from work. They’ll play with you and love you more than their own life. The saying dogs are man’s best friend never really gets old, because a dog won’t leave his master or best friend even in toughest hour of his life; there are even some dogs who sacrifices their lives for the safety of their owner. So love and take good care of your dogs. 

House rules

Another important house rule is the feeding process