It is common to find people getting angry or hurt and thus getting stressed out. Some of us harbour hatred towards an 'enemy' for years. Continued harbouring of hatred can even cause depression and other emotional problems. Feelings or emotions have a close connection with the mind. Thoughts are powerful and they are responsible for creating emotions. If a person is angry with Mr.X, he or she is harboring negative thoughts of dislike for Mr.X in his mind. Changing these negative thoughts into positive thoughts will create positive emotions in a person. The practice of forgiveness can reduce stress, hurt, depression and leads to feelings of hope, peace and compassion.

Things You Will Need

A quiet place for yourself. Five minutes of your time.

Step 1

Relax the body and mind Sit in a quiet place. Take a few deep breaths to relax your mind and body.

Step 2

Imagine the person you are angry with as a small 2 'inch' image in front of you.

Step 3

Imagine the person Look into the eyes of the person you want to forgive and say, " I love you " " I respect you " " Let peace be with you "

Step 4

Keep repeating the above step, till you feel yourself relaxing. Imagine the person again and see how you feel about him/her. Do it till your sure that your thoughts of hatred towards the person is replaced by love and respect. By continuously affirming positive statements, it gets registered in the subconscious mind and the result is seen in the action or behaviour of the person. To forgive someone is easier when the negative thoughts about the person are replaced with harmonious thoughts of love, empathy and compassion. The same can be practiced to remove fear, jealousy or envy towards others. Forgiveness can also be practiced towards yourself. Thus practice forgiveness and reduce your stress in life.

Tips & Warnings

There are no warnings. This is a mind therapy and can be practiced any number of times towards any number of people.