Hardwood as a natural flooring option

For many years wooded floor was on the top of a list when it comes to flooring option in residential and commercial buildings. All the time it was associated with elegance, beauty, and luxury. It is no doubt that hardwood’s appearance very hard to beat so some other flooring option try even to emulate its look. It has unique natural feel and warmness plus with proper care it serves for homeowners as a durable and valuable flooring option for a life time. The look of hardwood floor can be changed if desired by refinishing and staining it. In addition, hardwood floor materials can be reused and reinstalled. In contrast to carpets, hardwood flooring is good for people who have allergies to dust because it can be washed every day if necessary.

You should be aware that not all hardwoods are the same. They have similar fixtures, such as presence of porous, but have some differences as well. Depending on hardwood’s hardness, thickness, and rareness its cost vary. Choosing the right type of wood is an essential factor and considering the hardwood flooring prices shop wisely evaluating all the aspects of particular product.      

Things you need to know before the installation

As a natural material, hardwood has an ability to expand and contract. Therefore some adjustments should be done. Before the actual installation process the wood should be acclimated for a few days in the room with a normal temperature. It is necessary to do in order to avoid some potential issues after the work will be done. With preventing some problems you will save an additional cost to fix them. It is also important to have or prepare a good and even subfloor. Examples of a subfloor are plywood and concrete. To make a sound insulating barrier an underlay should be installed.

When shopping for the wood materials, make sure that it will be more than according to your exact measurements. Anything can happen and you definitely don’t want to be short, wait while other order will arrive, or possibility of having trouble to find anywhere even one more plank needed if you chose to go with discontinued materials. Examine the material purchased for any defects.

It is recommended to tape the room where the actual working process will be going in order to keep down all dust and debris from cutting hardwood planks. Usually installer will insolate the working area, but all the household stuff including furniture shouldn’t be on the way.  

What you need to have before the installation

Typically homeowners won’t take a risk on installation unless very familiar with operating hand and electrical tools require to get a wood flooring installed. You need to acquire hardwood flooring materials, baseboards, and shoe molding or quarter rounds. Installer will take care about the rest. There is also an option when all desire wood will be bought by a contractor, but in most cases homeowners will like to choose the product by themselves.