Learning how to prevent an icy windshield is a real time saver! You have experienced the scenario countless times: you grab your coffee and rush out the door, already late for work, and your car is covered in frost. As you start the engine and allow the interior to warm you begin to scrape with whatever device is handy: cd case, bank card, etc. Rarely is the scraper handy. This is a simple method to keeping your car easy to clean and ready to roll this winter by preventing an icy windshield.

Never curse your windshield again!


Things You Will Need

Heinz White Vinegar - Great For Many Household Cleaning ChoresMaterials you will need: all of these materials are very inexpensive and available practically everywhere. For just a few dollars you will have enough supplies to last you through the entire winter season. You probably already have them around the house or custom garage.


Small spray bottle

White vinegar


Old rag or squeegee

Step 1

The night before, if you are unlucky enough to not have a garage, get in your warm kitchen instead! Mix three parts vinegar and one part water in a small spray bottle. This is your frost defense napalm!

Step 2

Take the mixture outside and spray liberally over your windshield, side windows, and back glass.

Step 3

Wipe off your windows with the squeegee or old rag. What could be easier?

In the morning you will either be greeted with a frost-free car, or one that has a bit of frost which will easily wipe away. The most important thing is to remember to always spray and wipe the night before. If you forget to do this, it is not too late, though. In the morning when you realize your mistake, spray the vinegar and water on the frosty windshield anyway. It will start to dissolve it upon contact. A little help from you and the windshield wipers and you are off to work in no time.

This is a cheap alternative to buying on of those flimsy and expensive windshield guards that you have to wrap around your windshield and slam in your doors at night. I have used this method many times and it has saved me much time and frustration over the years. It really is easy to prevent an icy windshield.

Tips & Warnings

If you are spraying the vinegar and water solution on in the mornings make sure to remember that the windshield is sensitive. Don't use hot water! Scrape gently and don't put excess pressure on the glass or you risk cracking your windshield.

Extra tip: During the summer months a little bit of vinegar added to your windshield wiper reservoir will help make it easier to clean bugs and gunk off of your glass all summer long. Also, learn about all the things that apple cider vinegar can do for your health! Vinegar, is there anything it can't do!