Most fungal skin conditions can be prevented and treated with the proper procedures. Here are some ideas on controlling athletes foot, jock itch and skin rashes.

Things You Will Need

If your are playing sports skin rashes can be prevented with good personal hygiene. Fungus grows in moist,wet ,dark areas like showers and locker rooms. If you are wearing tight spandex,jock straps etc they will cause fungal growth to be more prevalent. This type of clothing will cause chaffing which can lead to skin rashes. Fungal infections can be recognized by redness and itching of the effected skin area. Make sure to shower after any exercise activity. Thoroughly dry your groin area ,under arms and the spaces between your toes. Make sure to wear clean underwear and socks everyday. If you are in a locker room make sure to wear some kind of sandal and do not walk around in bare feet.

Step 1

Athletes foot is the most common fungal infection caught in locker rooms. You should not handle any socks that are left on the floor they could be contaminated with athletes foot. If your heals are red and you are itching between the toes you probable are infected. Try the best you can not to itch the areas this will only make it worse. This can also spread the athletes foot to other parts of the body. You need to dry your feet completely and apply a topical antifungal agent or power after each shower.

Jock itch is another fungal infection that irritates the groin area. It usually originated in the feet and is spread to the groin from touching the groin after touching an effected foot. You will need to wear loose fitting clothing. Do not wear spandex type shorts this will increase the jock itch. If you notice small patches of scaling and itching near the inner thigh and groin you are probably infected with jock itch.

Step 2

If not treated it can spread to the abdomen and buttocks. You can also spread the infection to your bedding , towels, and clothes. They will need to be laundered daily in hot soap and water to prevent the spread of the fungus. You will need to treat the area with over the counter medications such as topical imidazoles type medications for a month twice a day. Array

Tips & Warnings

Keep the infected area clean and dry and apply anti-fungal creams and powders to help control the athletes foot and jock itch.