Motion sickness can really spoil many people's travels. Motion sickness can happen to you while traveling in a car, in a ship, in an aeroplane or in an amusement park ride. Although others may not see it as as an illness, the person who suffers motion sickness will definitely think it is.

Things You Will Need

Accupressure wristbands, Anti motion sickness medicines,ginger powder

Step 1

Before starting your travel, only eat light foods. Avoid heavy foods to prevent motion sickness. Avoid eating meat and cheese. Completely avoid alcohol. Take plenty of water if you are feeling motion sickness. You can eat a lot of fruits to prevent motion sickness.

Step 2

Keep ginger powder along with you while traveling. Take the powder in small amounts when you are feeling motion sickness. Also you can smell a lemon to prevent motion sickness.

Step 3

If you are traveling in a car, sit in the front seat and always look ahead. If traveling by plane, motion sickness can be prevented by choosing a seat over the wing where there is commonly less movement. On a ship, always remain on deck. Also try to avoid reading while traveling. Be always in a position where you get plenty of fresh air.

Step 4

Always keep your kids engaged in some forms of activities during long travel. Playing video games is a good option. Also, make frequent stops during long travel. This is an effective way to prevent motion sickness.

Step 5

There are many different forms of over-the-counter medications available for motion sickness.You will not have to consult a doctor to get these medicines. Accupressure wristbands are another option to prevent motion sickness. Covering one's forehead with a wet towel is found to be effective for many people.

Tips & Warnings