Promoting a small business is usually thought of as being expensive, but the technology is now at a level where we can engage millions of people for free. Most people don't know that you can advertise a small business for free, and that is probably a good thing. This article focuses on inexpensive ways to reach millions of customers.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Create a website. A website is one way to advertise your website for free. You can even create the site for free using free web software. This software can be found on sites like Filefront and others. A website is huge to your ability to engage customers and promote your business. You can literally reach millions of people on the internet, and a website can maximize your earnings.

Step 2

Create a blog. Blogs are similar to websites but you instead write blogs related to topics that you previously selected. You can write blogs specifically targeting customers online. You can write blogs related to your business or product.

Step 3

Email marketing. For a small fee, you can reach thousands of people through email marketing. This form of marketing utilizes the ability to share the same email with thousands of people. You can literally reach thousands of people with the click of a mouse. Company's will even send out the marketing emails for you.

Step 4

Always think about your company image. You might not consider this a form of advertisement, but your company image is very important. The smallest mistake can often be magnified and the biggest accomplishments can be overlooked. Try to do everything correctly and not cut corners. Always treat customers with respect and this will echo. Which brings me to my next tip.

Step 5

Word of mouth. Word of mouth travels very quickly but you don't need to literally walk up and tell people about your business to spur word of mouth. You can put flyers on frequently visited bulletin boards or inside coffee shops, this will often spur conversation about your business.

Step 6

List in the yellow pages. Many people go online without a clue and lookup the number for local plumbing company's without bias. This means, whoever pops up is who they are going to call. They don't care if it's a name brand company or a small business, yellow pages lists your company in alphabetical order.


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